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5 Things Recruiter Looks For In A Resume

A resume is like an advertisement for your excellent leadership abilities and strengths. Take a product commercial, for instance. It may have all the attributes and components of an outstanding top-tier product, but if it does not have a decent commercial to go along with it, it is likely that no one in its future target base will learn about it.

When recruiters look at a resume, they also look for unique traits that they find are appropriate for a position. People can spend a lot of money on getting a professional resume completed, but the challenge of making a decent resume is more simple than one would imagine. To make it easy for you, we’re here to teach you how you can make a decent resume so that you can catch the interest of the recruiters and keep those interview calls coming in. Here is a compiled list of some of the final items that need to be added to their resume, including the points that recruiters like to search for.

Recruiters normally invest a maximum of five to ten seconds per resume they search. The explanation is that there are a lot of candidates passing into their inboxes. I’m going to tell you five major things that you’d like to pay careful attention to that will make your resume stand out.

1. BUZZWORDS On Your Resume 

What are buzzwords? Let me give you an example assuming that I am recruiting for software engineer for Amazon and I’m only interested in Seattle based candidate assuming that this person will be coding in Python and or Java preferably somebody with an e-commerce background and I’m looking for someone who’s fairly senior which means they must have data structure algorithm or large scalable distributed system. So here are some of the buzzword examples that I will be looking for and I would be able to see a lot of these throughout the entire resume so assuming that you are either a technical program manager or roles outside of the engineering spectrum you wanted to make sure that your skills are highlighted throughout your resume.

2. Resume Position Title

The next thing they look at is your position title because this allows the recruiter to see your career progression and to learn more about your background. Either you are a people manager or individual contributor and to get a sense of what is next.

3. Resume Company

The next thing a recruiter would look at is the company that you’re currently working in as well as your previous employer. This allowed the recruiter to see how big your environment is. Let me give you an example; if I’m looking for a technical program manager who has been an amazon for at least two years I know that this individual has experience in moving at a very fast pace and also has launched multiple products or services.

Here’s a bonus tip, if you’re working for a start-up or an organization that your future employers may not have heard of I would highly recommend that you write in one sentence high-level explaining what the organization does and why is it amazing to work there this will really help get the attention of your future.

4. Resume Academia

The number four thing we could all look for is your academic background. Although not all employers require a college degree but based on my experience most tech companies do. If you are a programmer an employer would expect for you to have a CS or computer science degree for software and an e or EE for hardware. 

5. Resume Description / Qualifications

Now the recruiter is interested to know if you have the right qualification for the job. Here’s an example for software engineering, here are some of the key points that our recruiters would look at and to make sure that you have these on your resume.