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Top interview mistakes

Watch the YouTube video above, or read on three top mistakes to avoid.

Applying for a job at Amazon or Facebook are highly competitive. Which is why it’s important to prepare and stand out. After coaching hundreds of professionals, I noticed a trend of these 3 common mistakes.

Interview Mistake 01: Lack of motivation

Coming unprepared for the interview with lack of eagerness is the root cause of candidates getting rejected. One has to be able to project their energy towards the interviewer. Lack of motivation is the root cause of destroying your chance to land a job.

Keeping your resume and LinkedIn up-to-date also counts, do not lag behind in your self-branding. This is something that everyone needs to dive in themselves and figure it out. Another interesting term to use here is “be hungry” – be hungry for success.

Interview Mistake 02: Lack of irrelevant story

A lot of people get stuck here as to what an ‘irrelevant’ story actually means.

Have you ever come across someone who is telling stories about themselves that doesn’t seem connected at all, it’s like the person is saying whatever comes to their mind.

You have to align your past experiences in such a way that it is well connected and comes out in a swift flow. So the interviewer may feel that you’re confident in yourself.

Interview Mistake 03: Lack of attention to detail

Your resume, your LinkedIn and your own personality is your personal brand. Nurture your personality and be aware of the way you carry yourself around. Going an extra mile and giving attention to the small details will yield the best results. These are the small details that can actually help you stand out in the crowd.

Apart from giving attention to detail, the most important factor is to “cut to the chase”. Most of the employers spend least time viewing your profile in order to assess if you’re the perfect candidate. The profiles that pay attention to details will obviously be filtered out for employment.

Even hiring a career coach requires you to look within yourself, to know your way around within yourself only then they will be able to help you out in the best way possible.

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