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A one-stop premium coaching service that meets all of your career needs, from branding to job search and interview preparation, so that you can land a job at Amazon or a top-tier tech company. (This is not an online course!)

Increase Your Chances Of

Landing The Job at Top Tech Company

Passing The Interview Process w. STAR Method

Being Confident & Your Expert Self

VIP group coaching is perfect for:

💗Tech Leaders +
Senior Level (IC)

Our VIP Community has 10 to 25+ years of experience. Learn from industry experts Software Leaders, TPM, Product + Program Management Leader, Engineers, Finance, and etc. 

💗 Failed Attempts

The most common reasons why over 500 of our VIP Coaching members failed their Amazon + FAANG interview is their lack of scope in their stories and articulation. 

💗 Promotions

Many of our members are not being able to level up in their career. You will improve on your written and verbal communication skills. The VIP Community also offers reviewing your writing style at a leadership level. 

💗 active listener

Holly provides detailed feedback from helping you brand, perfecting your stories, and provide constructive input to help you see the result. 

Invest in your career growth with 90-Days VIP Program & Save $585!

VIP Member Tailored Coaching Support:

VIP Coaching Program (Includes):

  • Career Transition

    Coaching you to deliver in a concise, clear, and crisp communication skills in achieving the highest job offer.

  • Weekly Office Hour

    Weekly cohort office hour session tailoring to your current situation. The zoom calls run 2-hours ensuring that our VIP Members get the support. From Mock Interview, Salary Negotiation, Job Search, to Interview Preparation.

  • Daily Engagement Support

    Answering your questions and providing feedback inside our coaching platform.

  • Interview Example Answers

    Leadership, Technical, and Non-Technical example answers from members who are now at Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.

  • Creating Strong Stories

    Learn how to create strong and relevant stories using Holly's simplistic methods. Yes, Holly will be reviewing your work!

  • CV + LinkedIn Profile​

    Holly provides guidance on teaching you how to modify your credentials to land the right job interviews. Get your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out and reviewed.

  • Job Search Training

    Focus and find the job that aligns with your expertise. Holly will run live coaching based on VIP Member's request during the weekly office hours, along with templates to guide you.

  • Amazon Writing Exercise Review

    Tell your story confidently with the STAR Method. Holly will review your writing exercise with any employers!

  • Community Network

    Learn and network with a community of Senior to Principal Professionals and Executives: Software Development Leaders, Technical Program Managers, Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Operation Managers, Finance Manager, HR + Recruiting

  • Systems Design (Tech Resources)

    Resources on how to provide system design architectures for Amazon Locker, Uber, Meta, etc. VIP Members of Senior and Leadership (SDM, PM, SDE) practice designs examples.



Holly brings credibility through her knowledge of how new big-tech thinks and operates. She combines this with a great personality and valuable tools and methods to establish and execute a plan. Holly understands how to build up an individual's brand. She helps you know where you might need to rethink your approach and retool communications styles. She understands the ins and outs of executive and technical recruiting; she helps her clients build a bespoke strategy and equips the client with the tools to execute the plan successfully. Working with Holly has helped me immensely in how I sell myself, how I approach new opportunities, and how to interact with executive recruiters when the opportunity arises. As a Technical Leader, if you have questions about your value and where the best opportunities are to align your passion skills and deliver success, I strongly recommend Holly to be your support through this journey.
Ex-Google Platform Engineering Leader
Working with Holly has been a life-changing experience for me. Before I came to her, I was struggling with storytelling and job hunt strategies. I reached out to her three weeks before my amazon interview, she not only honed my storytelling and helped me shape up my overall professional experience. I was impressed with her “can-do attitude” and she had been very responsive throughout the entire process. Also, she has a great community of leaders in various industries that is priceless. I am proud to say, today I have multiple job offers, and she has an innate ability to help you become the best version of yourself. Anyone who is looking for a career change, job search, and intimate coaching, I would recommend Holly any day. I am a proud member of her community. The best compliment I can give her if I can hire her, I will hire her in a heartbeat.
Head of Product, AWS Partners
Holly has been a great career coach. She provides a tailored approach to one's career path and is always there to answer all of your questions. Her vision and strategic approach to managing everything from Resume and LinkedIn reviews are second to none. Everything from mock interviews through the final stages of smart interviewing. She reinforced my STAR method, and I was successful in being offered a role at Amazon. I strongly recommend you meet and connect with Holly for all your career endeavors.
Platform Leader at Amazon
Holly gave me extensive coaching to approach the Google Cognitive Ability (GCA) interview(s) and adjust my resume. I followed her advice and spent two weeks preparing for my interviews. And with her help landed the job: Sr. Director of Engineering, Operating Systems, AR @ Google. My bottom line is this: If you are looking to land a role in big tech, reach out to Holly, take her advice, and study her material.
Head of VR Engineering, Google
Working with Holly has been a great ROI. She speaks from experience rather than theory and is laser-focused on delivering results. Holly is very personable with a deep understanding of corporate life, especially what it takes to succeed at the senior management level. She has enabled me to take the next step in my career from coaching tips, tools, and recharge my confidence that I not just belong but can excel at the next level.
Kien, CFO at PWC
As an immigrant, the interview process in North America was something new to me. I was unhappy as I had failed an interview quite important to me. (I was also unable to secure more interviews) Holly's VIP Coaching not only helped me secure 6 interviews but also crack 5 of them. So essentially holly helped me achieve an interview success rate of over 80%. Bottom line is that she is the best interview/career coaches you will find anywhere on this planet. And if you join her, then not only you will achieve your objectives but will also develop deep regard and respect for the work she does. (I am yet to see someone who takes so much pain to help his/her clients)
Sr. Partner Development Manager, AWS
With Holly ’s help I was able to craft my career into multiple stories that were clear, concise, and followed the STAR method. I am extremely grateful for her services, when my interview rolled around I was more than ready with well crafted stories and interview tips (that proved to be very valuable). I would highly recommend Holly for all your career coaching needs, she is polite and just an all around awesome person. To anyone out there looking for a career coach, you will not be disappointed with Holly's professional services.
Software Development Engineer, AWS
Holly's insights and guidance were precious. In the VIP Coaching Program, I went from being stuck and not knowing how to articulate my stories to creating thoughtful responses into passing her mock interview sessions. She also helped me on a path to building my professional branding and becoming a better communicator throughout the interview preparation process. I highly recommend Holly to anyone who wants to advance their career, as she has helped me land my dream job with Amazon!
Hardware Control Engineer, Amazon
Found Holly through YouTube. After watching a few of her videos, I knew I needed to sign up for her VIP package. Best decision ever. She has a clear formula to helping people communicate their brand and prepping them to speak on their experiences in a strong and concise STAR method. Her sessions gave me a platform to speak confidently about myself and even got support from other members of the VIP cohort. Genuine and motivational, can't get it any better than here.
Sr. Test Engineer, The Pokémon Company
From the outset, Holly impressed me with her deep understanding of the tech industry and her ability to distill complex concepts into practical, easy-to-understand frameworks. Her intelligence and knowledge are evident in everything she does, from her engaging YouTube content to her more structured VIP membership programs. What sets Holly apart is her unique ability to create efficient and effective frameworks that cater to individual needs. Her approach is not just theoretical; it is grounded in real-world application, which is crucial for anyone looking to pivot or grow their career. Her guidance was a game-changer for me. Just by leveraging her free YouTube content, I was able to prepare for and succeed in a loop interview for an L7 position at a top tech company. Furthermore, her VIP membership provided me with the tools and confidence needed to excel in Meta's rigorous interview process, enabling me to pivot successfully from media entertainment to a fulfilling career in tech. Holly is not just a coach; she is a mentor, a guide, and a strategist. Her resourcefulness and intelligence are matched only by her commitment to her clients' success. I am grateful for her support and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to advance or pivot their career in tech. EAT, SLEEP, STAR 🙂
Product Marketing, Meta
Joining Holly's VIP coaching program was the best decision I've made for my career. I was in transition, looking to take that next big career step, but I haven't had success with interviews. I am not having clarity on career direction, articulating my responses, and being comfortable/confident on camera for virtual interviews. Holly's program taught me to dive deep into my experiences, draw out my strengths and get clarity, create impactful stories in under 1min and be comfortable in a virtual interview setting through mock peer interviews. With Holly, what you see on YouTube is exactly what you get - she's that coach who will hold you accountable, push you above and beyond to be the best possible self. She's a great motivator and works hard for your success if you do the work. I will not say the program is 'easy,' but the results speak for themselves!! Almost all members start seeing results just after Holly's guidance with branding. The support from Holly and the incredible group of members in the VIP cohort is genuinely excellent. I highly recommend anyone who is seriously invested in taking that next step in their career.
HR Leader, BAE Systems
Holly is an incredible career coach. She does worth every penny! She will push you to the best version of yourself and help you land a great job concisely! I am so grateful to her as she has helped me rebuild my confidence after a long maternity leave. Holly, by far, you are the best!
IT Supply Chain Leader, Amazon
I was at level 0 when I approached Holly and banked all my hopes to at least get 1 offer out of the 2 upcoming interviews I had in hand. 4 weeks in Holly's VIP program I nailed 2 job offers (one of which was Amazon), had a line up of 2 more full loops and LinkedIn full of recruiter messages with opportunities. Holly's VIP program is structured, aligned and sensible in a way to not just target what you are aiming for, but instead position you as a talent-in-demand. I strongly recommend her if anyone is stuck in the interview process and needs a change in perception and game-plan.
Program Manager, AWS
I would recommend Holly to anyone struggling to land an interview in any company of your choice and land multiple offers. She is more than just an interview coach; she is a successful career coach. Get into her VIP program, and she will work with you, and you will surely get results if you put in the work and follow her strategy to a T.
Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft
As an immigrant, the interview process in North America was something new to me. I was unhappy as I had failed an interview quite important to me. (I was also unable to secure more interviews) Holly's VIP Coaching not only helped me secure 6 interviews but also crack 5 of them. So essentially holly helped me achieve an interview success rate of over 80%. Bottom line is that she is the best interview/career coaches you will find anywhere on this planet. And if you join her, then not only you will achieve your objectives but will also develop deep regard and respect for the work she does. (I am yet to see someone who takes so much pain to help his/her clients)
Supply Chain Manager (5 Offers!)
Holly changed my life. With her unique coaching style, she helped me to be prepared for the most difficult recruiting processes. What I value the most is her authenticity, honesty, direct style, customer care, genuine willingness to help, and deep knowledge of the interview processes. She will tell you the truth; you have to WORK! But you will always be guided through the right path. Following her method is a guarantee to maximize your success. Investing in Holly is investing in yourself, ROI 100%. She genuinely helped me and changed my life.
Operations Leader, Amazon
Holly’s VIP coaching is the first career coaching class I have ever paid for. After watching all her YouTube videos, I put aside any reservations and JUMPED! I would do it again and again! The VIP program was worth every penny on five fronts: 1) I learned how to build and tailor my resume, LinkedIn, work on my branding to take my career to the next level. 2) Holly’s program is structured, and her strategies are unique. Her program and YouTube content helped me walk through all the relevant questions, craft my interview responses concisely using the STAR method. 3) The bi-weekly mock interview practice helped me improve my interview skills and boost my confidence. These are the skills that will benefit me for my whole life. 4) Holly has excellent experience as a recruiting leader at FAANG companies. Therefore, she always asks us the right questions to open our eyes to our shortcomings in what was expected in FAANG interviews. She will push you to the best version of yourself and help you land your dream job. 5) Holly has a great community of leaders in various industries. I have learned so much from the cohort, and everyone is willing to give others constructive feedback. Holly is nothing short of amazing. Investing in Holly’s program is investing in yourself, ROI 100%! I am so grateful to have had her wisdom, support, and guidance as I embarked on a new chapter in my career.
Account Manager, AWS
I write few recommendations, but I am thrilled to endorse Holly. Holly is genuine, and she cares about her cohorts. Her authenticity attracted me to join her community. Googling using STAR format to ace interviews is easy as there are plenty of examples online, but Holly would tailor my stories to ensure I can get to the next level. Cohorts in the community are supportive of each other. I recommend Holly if you are stuck in your career and need a coach to guide you to the next phase.
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Holly is an outstanding career coach and mentor. She knows her stuff really well!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is preparing for FAANG interviews. With her rich recruiting experience and her passion for career coaching you will receive valuable guidance and feedback from day 1. Join her cohort if you need the structure and tips to crack the interviews. You will not regret your decision!!
Sr. Program Manager, AWS

Be A VIP Member & Land The Right Job

Invest in your career growth in the 90-days VIP Coaching Program and saves $585!

Holly will help you with:

💗 give you confidence

Many of our VIP Coaching Members have lost their confidence and a sense of purpose in the workplace, from not receiving the deserved promotion to not landing an offer with one of their top technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. 

Holly will give you the confidence and the interview strategies required to help you get through the grueling job-seeking process.



💗 Former Amazon Leader

Holly was a former Amazon Leader and Interview Facilitator that developed the process of making great hiring decisions. Experienced in personally helping thousands of senior to executive levels in the Software, Hardware, Operations, and Data Science space. 

“My proudest moment was being a new recruiting manager in 2014  for the Consumer org. My heart was racing in meeting with Jeff Wilke (CEO of Consumer at the time) and his staff and being able to successful presented my white paper on international recruitment expansion within 1-minute.”  

💗 Communication Skills

Holly’s weekly office hours via Zoom will provide you the framework to help you deliver your business impact at the scale of the top technology company. 

💗 High Accountability

Holly will be there to hold you accountable and ensure you stay focus, motivated, and be confidently prepared.