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Why Amazon

You’re preparing for an interview process with Amazon and a common question they ask candidates is this: Why Amazon

Things to avoid when asked “Why Amazon?”

Avoid generic answers when answering why did you opt for this particular firm.

For example, several candidates choose to state prominent factors such as: “Amazon is the most innovative company in the world”; however, to be different from the lot, your answer must be based on thorough research on both the company and the interviewed position.

To avoid vague answers, prepare for the question, consider:

  • How are your skills adding value to the role?
  • How is it beneficial for you to join the firm?

Why is Amazon the best place to work?

Based on current employees, Amazon grants them the opportunity to work with intelligent people, giving them several options to enhance their skills further, making their lives better personally and professionally.

Amazon is the best place to gain knowledge and experience due to the number of opportunities provided to handle challenges. It is also an excellent environment for anyone (engineers, project managers, or even leaders) who like to innovate.

Additionally, Amazon’s professional growth is rapid, and the disciplines of development introduced here can always be implemented in your personal lives.

Lastly, at Amazon, innovation happens rapidly; every 3 to 6 months, a new product is launched, giving sellers great profit.

Are You The Right Fit for Amazon?

To fit seamlessly into the Amazon culture, one must be self-motivated and also be eager to learn.

In conclusion, there’s no right or wrong way at Amazon, get up, and get innovating!

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